Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Charm City Cook Launches Salted Caramel Brownies

Ma Petite Shoe is lucky to be the first to have them!


Written by Susannah Siger
Owner of Ma Petite Shoe

Having known Amy Langrehr for fifteen years, it makes sense. The trajectory of her life. Not that she ever really planned on being a local celebrity, food blogger and brownie entrepreneur. But it makes perfect sense to me. Especially when you add France into the equation.

Click to read Amy's blog Blame it on France

Following her own philosophy, Amy tries to cook from what is fresh and available from the farmer’s markets. Though she didn’t grow up on a farm, her grandparents Clark and Mary Fitzpatrick had a working farm in Harford County and ran a “county home,” a very early homeless shelter. Amy’s grandmother did the cooking, feeding fresh milk, butter, eggs and meat to whomever was in need.

 Amy and her girls.

So, how did Amy come to make, in my humble opinion, one of the most outstanding new confections on the market? Amy confesses she first made the salted caramel brownies because she prefers a salty, savory treat over sweets. After the success of the first brownie batch with friends and neighbors, she made two more batches that week, quickly amassing followers for her decadent creation. And decadent they are; a soft, almost gooey, mouthfeel with an intense chocolatey flavor, cut by the salty caramel topping. During a recent blind tasting panel held at Ma Petite Shoe, food blogger Alex Kuhn, of Go Out and Eat Baltimore, also had the opportunity to taste the brownies and remarked that they were "...fudge-like, dense, saturating, mousse-like, extremely rich with a salty caramel start and cream-like finish." And that's from just one bite.

To know how Amy’s brain works in the kitchen is to understand how many wonderful new culinary creations are discovered. Here’s an excerpt from a recent email from Amy Langrehr, Charm City Cook:

Just this weekend, I got some peppers from my friends at One Straw Farm and decided to make jam. As I was cooking the peppers, I looked at the bacon frying in the pan on the next burner and decided to add bacon - then thought bourbon would go well with that. It turned out great - a little sweet, a little spicy. Yum.

Amy's brownies are available for $4.99 at Ma Petite Shoe. The product is delivered in small batches; for large orders please email us here.